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Welcome to the site for owners of Britain's 3 million 1930s houses 

and for owners of many properties built in the 1920s to the 1950s,  since the designs were often technically very similar. Here you will find everything you’re likely to need to make the most of your home:-


 * free technical advice and features.

 * useful links for period products and fittings – look for a salvage-yard bargain!

 * You can also get free access to the information used by property professionals – the complete Building Regulations plus useful Planning advice.

Check for suppliers of special materials that are not generally available in DIY stores –  essential for adding value when refurbishing inter-war houses. And discover how windows and glazing have developed over the years. 


Compare local RIBA architects & architectural designers


We recommend the comprehensive Haynes 1930s House Manual to help you keep your most valuable asset in great condition.

Valuable  1930s houses won’t look after themselves – many real gems are now at risk through bad DIY and botched workmanship. And many have slumped in value as well-meaning owners have stripped out period features.


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G R A B  

an  ART DECO architectural salvage bargain




Haynes Manual





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