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Legal issues

  Here are some of the legal issues you could encounter as the owner of a  1930s house…


1.       The Party Wall Act 1996

If you live in a semi-detached or terraced house and are considering work on the wall(s) you share with your neighbour,  there are a few things it is essential to know first .…


2.         Trees & Hedges

Did you know, you could wind up with an ASBO for  growing a monster hedge?  Check with 'naturenet’ about problem hedges etc   https://www.naturenet.net/trees/hedgerow/howhigh.html


4.      Planning,  Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

         Council planners have draconian enforcement powers.  Scary for the unwary ....


5.      Does your house comply with Building Regs?

         ( it's illegal not to ....)


6.          WHO OWNS that piece of land or property ?



7.       Help with  DIY CONVEYANCING 

         and   MOVING HOME


Other points that your solicitor should consider when you buy  a property include:-

-  is there a  flying freehold ?

- are there any rights of way over your land

- is there shared access to the house, eg a shared driveway or shared      drains  ?






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