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The best place to start is with the  Haynes 1930s House Manual  

which covers  all  common  defects, shows how they are caused, and explains

the solutions all  with  lots  of glorious colour  pictures, some with detailed

step-by-step projects.  Or  just read  about the  fascinating  history showing

how they were built, where the  builders  skimped,  and the unusual  materials 

sometimes used.


Advice and  DIY help on the web  

Here are some useful sites to get find specialist  guidance from DIY experts :-


     General DIY


  Channel 4



    DIY FIX IT     www.diyfixit.co.uk


    UK style     www.uktvstyle.co.uk







     fireplaces & flues




   National  Fireplace Association  









Here's a handy 'BTU calculator' so you know what size rads you need:












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